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 Would you like to offer scholarships to students studying in the United States for language, university or higher education?

Would you like to help the needy students achieve their goals with a small amount of help on behalf of your loved ones?

Your little help will be the gateway to great hope and success.

You can solve a student's housing problem, give a room to a student in your home, cover a student's tuition, cover a student's living expenses and make great touches with your little support.

For the students who continue their education or who want to start teaching;

1-Cash scholarship or goods can help.
2- The scholarships and grants provided are not only cash, gift certificates, and similar items, but can be ‘tickets’, ‘books’ or ‘usable household goods.
3- You can reach any number of scholarship assistance you choose from the scholarship section below to many students through us. Scholarship distributions are made randomly according to the principle of “Equality according to student demands and requests. With the “Reference Number given to you in order to purchase scholarships or scholarships, you can see which student has received your scholarship in the“ Scholars ”section.
4- The scholarship or scholarships you provide, you can find the opportunity to follow and observe your scholars with your profile that we will create in the “Scholars” section. The profile may be on behalf of your legal entity or your institution, or on behalf of the person traveling to eternity. Such a profile is not in question on behalf of the real person. 

There is no limit to your donations. Your donations can be a shopping gift card worth five to ten dollars or a gift card or discount card from any online shop.

Our goal is to give our students a little help with their daily expenses in teaching life in the United States and to make them feel that they are not alone. In addition, you can help on behalf of your relatives and family members who have passed on to eternity, and you can have their names and spiritual support in help.

In such cases; the deceased person's name and surname, profession and similar information to be specified, and a letter of intent on why the scholarship will be provided in the name of the deceased.

If the institution is a donor, the logo of the institution, the institution's information and an intention letter about why the scholarship is provided.