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Early Registration Advantages

Registration starts in July. Students who wish to register for the program can contact us and start the process. The right time to start your registration process is of course as early as possible.

What Is Not Work And Travel?
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Work and travel program is sometimes misinterpreted by the participants. Before joining Work and travel program, you need to know exactly what it is. But if you keep your expectations in a normal way, you will participate in a program that will give you different experiences.

Work And Travel Is Not A Residence Permit For America!

The Work and Travel program allows participants to stay in the US until October 31st. For this reason, it is completely wrong for the students participating in the program to come to the idea of ​​staying in America. In addition, your visa and DS documents do not allow this. When your term expires, you must leave America and return to your country.

Work And Travel Is Not A Language School!

The first priority of the students participating in Work and Travel program is to improve their foreign language. Although Work and Travel gives you the opportunity to practice and improve your foreign language, it is not a language school in itself. The program expects you not only to improve your foreign language, although it shows many opportunities and innovations for the participants. It doesn't mean you can go to classes like the language school and walk around the rest of your time. You must work diligently during your working hours and follow the rules set by your employer.

Work And Travel Is Not A Monetization Program!

One of the other opportunities provided by the Work and Travel program is the possibility to work in the United States. The work provided for you is not permanent but there is a standard fee. For this reason, if you go to America with the idea of ​​making money only, you may be disappointed. The main purpose of the Work and travel program is to enable the student to develop his professionalism and foreign language. If you go for this purpose, you will have an unforgettable summer.