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Dil Okulu

F.Dickinson University

FDU, the largest private university in New Jersey, is a non-profit, non-international, multicampus institution.Language experts can find positions in multinational companies, international law, private and governmental organizations, as well as interpreters and interpreters, as well as in various other fields, including teaching.The Fairleigh is offered by the School of Humanities (B.A.) at the Metropolitan Campus of Dickinson University (B.A.). In addition, in FRENCH, ARABIC, CHINA, GERMAN and ITALIAN it is promoted through advanced courses. 11,500 full-time and part-time students of the FDU are monitored by programs determined according to their needs in the days, evenings and weekends.Many students choose Fairleigh Dickinson University due to their location in the New York metropolitan area with their diversified population and languages. There are many opportunities to improve students' language skills and cultural understanding with numerous theaters, cultural events, restaurants and ethnic areas.