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Work and Travel Job Postings
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Within the scope of the Work and Travel program, we can categorize the business areas in which the students can work as tourism sector jobs in a wide scope. If we come to the kinds of work that students can work in Work and Travel;

* Restaurants

* Amusement and Water Parks


* Pools

* Gift shops

* Cafes

* Confectioner

* Ice Cream Makers

There are many different positions in which students can work. These can be listed as jobs such as waitresses, cashiers, housekeeping, lifeguard, comic, cookery, assistant cook, dishwashing, sales consultancy.

These positions and workplaces are adjusted to the students' English level, the date of commencement of work in the US and the wishes of the students.

In the Work and Travel program, jobs are generally found in summer holiday resorts. These places are more economical, safer and more socially suitable for students than cities like New York City, Los Angeles, etc. and this is a factor that raises students' satisfaction rate.

In the Work and Travel program, there are many job options in Central America and West America, as well as in the regions where we call the east side, as well as the jobs that students can work with.