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Early Registration Advantages

  Kayıtlar Temmuz ayında başlamaktadır. Programa kayıt olmak isteyen öğrenciler bize ulaşarak işlemlerini başlatabilirler. Kayıt işlemlerinizi başlatmak için en doğru zaman tabiki mümkün olan en erken zamandır.

6 Steps to Work and Travel
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"Step 1: START

✔ Getting detailed information about the program

✔ Determination of total cost


✔ The Work and Travel program is only available in the United States..

✔  Work and Travel is a summer program and is organized according to the opening and closing dates of the students.

✔Some conditions are required to participate in the Work and Travel program. These;

✔ Being a full-time student in a 4-year university,

✔ Be able to speak at least intermediate English

✔ If the grade point average of the students is 2 or above, this grade point average is evaluated by Advice Study Abroad according to the school and department of the student and the special status of the student during the participation and it is decided whether it is sufficient for the program.

✔ Work and Travel is a program that gives students the chance to work for 3 months and then to go anywhere in the United States for a month.

✔ The jobs that the students will work in the Work and Travel program are jobs in the field of tourism and the education of the students is not relevant.

For example; Related to the education of the student studying banking There is no possibility of finding a job in the Times newspaper for the student studying journalism in the Bank. Students entering the seasonal tourism area Hotel, Amusement Park, Water Park, Restaurant, Market, Pool and so on. They can work in different positions in jobs such as.


✔ Adams Education,  demands a $ 2300 fee for Work and Travel. As pre-registration fee

✔  The student pays $ 300 of this fee, and the remaining fee must be paid after the student's work is confirmed, before entering the visa.

✔ f the student does not have a passport other than the program fee, he/she must issue a passport by making passport expenses.

✔  When entering a visa, the US consulate must pay a visa fee of $ 160.

✔ $ 35 service fee

✔ Work on the ground will need to take flights to transport from Turkey. On average, this varies from $ 700 to $ 1000.

✔The student has to take pocket money with him on his way to America. Because the student will be able to receive his / her salary at least 2 and 3 weeks after arrival. During this period, the student is required to take some pocket money with him to meet his basic needs. Advice Study At Abroad, we recommend that you bring a $ 1,000 allowance with the student.

✔  A deposit of $ 150 to $ 500 may be required for some jobs.

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✔ Advice Students will be interviewed by Adams Education when they register for Work and Travel, and those who fail this interview cannot participate in Work and Travel with Adams Education. This interview may be in the form of Skype, phone call or face to face. Students who are successful in the interview register to the program by depositing pre-registration fees.

✔ This interview may be in the form of Skype, phone call or face to face.

✔ Students who are successful in the interview register to the program by depositing pre-registration fees.

✔ If the students do not have a passport, they will begin issuing passports.


✔ Students whose CVs are ready are eligible to choose one of the jobs that Adams Education has to offer. Students have to meet certain criteria when choosing a job. These;

✔ Student's level of English: The English requirement of each employer and each position varies, and students can only choose the job required by their English level. For example; A mid-level English student cannot choose a waitress job because a student with a low level of speaking skills cannot be expected to speak to clients in the United States to understand their wishes and take action on them.

✔The date the student can go to America: As we mentioned before, the students go to work in seasonal jobs. The regions and jobs that the students go to vary. Therefore, the dates that employers ask students to start working in each region or job vary. One employer may want the student to start work in the United States on June 1, while another may wish to begin on the 25th of June. Since Work and Travel is a summer season, employers often ask students to arrive early.

✔Students are free to choose any job that meets the criteria mentioned above, they will talk and learn all the details of the work with the advisors of the Adams Educaiton Work and Travel department and make their decisions accordingly.

✔After the job selection, the employers want to meet with the students and the students enter the job interview with the employer of the job they have chosen. Job interviews can take two forms. These;

✔  Online job interview with Skype: Online video chat with the employer at the specified time and date.

✔ Job fairs with face to face interviews: Some employers America from Turkey to come face to face with the students opinion. To meet with the employer on the specified date and time, it is required to attend our job fairs held in Istanbul.

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Adams Education Work and Travel department consultants are with the student during the whole program as well as with the student during the visa process..

✔ The paperwork is carried out by Advice Study Abroad, but the paperwork is collected by the student.

✔ Appointment date is taken on behalf of the student by Advice Study Abroad. The student pays the appointment fee.

✔ Visa orientation The Advice Study is conducted one-on-one with the Abroad Work and Travel counselor and student and helps to prepare the student well for the visa.

NOTE: If the student receives a visa refusal, the student has the right to apply for the visa again. However, for each application, the student must pay the visa appointment fee to the American Consulate. For students who are refused a visa and will not apply for a visa again, Advice Study Abroad will deduct $ 300 and refund the rest of the fee to the student.


The student is free to buy the plane ticket from anywhere. However, Advice Study Abroad helps the student in finding cheap flights. There are some points that students should pay attention to when buying a plane ticket. These;

✔ The flight ticket is absolutely flexible so that the student can change the date on the flight ticket.

✔ Buy airline tickets from trusted companies.

✔ Refund in case of visa refusal.

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✔ Explaining to the student how to reach the place of work from the airport

✔ First things to do in America

✔ Explaining what to put in the suitcase

✔ Goodbye to America